Epicyclic Gear Suppliers

Epicyclic gears are assembly are a combination of two gears which are mounted in such a way that the center of each gear revolves around the center of attached gear. They work in somewhat similar way as a planetary gear. Epicyclic gears are used to transfer high velocity ratios occupying less space for the system.

Epicylic Gear Suppliers

How Are Epicyclic Gears Made

As in the manufacture of any other gear, the process of making epicyclic gears need high level of precision and detail as the gears are carefully fabricated and assembled to get a smooth and efficient performance. A well designed epicyclic gear system are an efficient means of generating and transferring power and torque. Some of the steps involved in the making of an epicycilc gears are :

Designing : In any gear system the design is the most important aspect that determines its performance. As a first step, an accurate design is drafted based on the intended use and application gear system. This involves the size and thickness, the circumference, number of teeth and their ratios and spacing, etc.

Fabrication : After confirming the design with tools like CAD/CAM, the gears goes in to production using the desired raw materials such as steel, cast iron, aluminium, copper, plastic, etc., which are machined and fabricated for precise tooth using cutting, milling and shaping tools, grinding and punching holes for mounting slots and assembly.

Hot And Cold Treatment : After the fabrication and machining, the gear pieces goes through a high temperature heating and rapid cooling process to make them harder and gives the metal higher strength and durability.

Assembling : The final step is the assembling of the gear system after it was treated with hot and cold processes. The two gear units are mounted in to a carrier arm in such a way that their centers are connected to each other for synchronized rotation, meshing the ring gear teeth with planet gears for a complete functional unit.

The epicyclic gears are are used in a wide range of applications in automotive, industrial machinery, aerospace, power generation, robotics and many other industries that requires high power and torque transmission for the efficient functioning of engines and motors.

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