A 76 year Legacy

It is our strong belief that Quality is the back bone of manufacturing. We at GNA constantly foster and combine creativity and innovation to achieve excellence.

Part of the 2000 crore GNA Group

We are continuously upgrading our manufacturing technology to be the best in the industry. It is our mission to keep our customer delighted by serving the best.

3,75,000 sq m of Technological Resource

We are customer oriented with 24x7 customer service. We keep on upgrading technology, machines and equipment to meet the latest challenges in Gears manufacturing.

Vast Global Presence

With advancement at our core, we proceed with our efforts of ascending through expansion and manufacturing quality auto parts that drive excellence.

BUT the key to our effectiveness lies not in numbers and size. IT IS ALL ABOUT PRECISION, DELIVERING PRECISION FOR GOOD.
Precision to us is not just about achieving manufacturing excellence. Precision for us does not end with production of the finest quality gears. Precision for us goes beyond enabling some of the most advanced vehicle transmission systems manufactured globally.
PRECISION is religion at GNA Gears, revered, pursued and upheld since 1946; promising to continue for good, a consistent strife in everything we do, the first time, every time.