Gear Manufacturers

Automobile is the backbone of logistics and economics without which movement of goods and people from one place to another is impossible. When it comes to automobiles of any class, i.e., light, medium and heavy vehicles, the gear system is a vital organ which determines the movement of vehicle from being stationary to gain momentum and achieve speed. Automotive gears are mechanisms that are designed to transfer torque and power generated by the engine to the wheels of and automobile. It is also responsible to control speed of the vehicle while on the move.

Gear Manufacturers

Types Of Automotive Gear

Universally there are four to five gears for a vehicle plus a reverse gear option.

The first gear initiates the movement of vehicle from a stationary position and generates high torque and low speed.

The second gear gives more speed and acceleration and the third gear increases the speed further while maintaining the toque.

The fourth and fifth gear provides maximum speed with lowest torque, referred to as cruise mode.

Benefits Of Gears In Automobiles

There are number of benefits which are attributed to the gear system for the efficient running of the vehicle.

Improves Engine Efficiency : It facilitates increased torque and power from the engine to generate more acceleration and attain faster speeds thus increase engines efficiency.

Improves Fuel Efficiency : It helps in high fuel efficiency by transmitting the right torque and speed depending on the driving conditions, which directly reflects on fuel consumption.

Effortless Driving : Latest automatic gear systems are manufactured with complex designs that provide a seamless gear shifting experience for the driver, comfortable ride for the passengers and smooth running of the vehicle.

Increase Life Of Engine : The gear system manages the torque and speed in such a way that reduces the strain on the engine while moving at high speeds or during acceleration, thus increase engine life.

Efficient Vehicle Control : Depending upon the road conditions and terrains, it helps the driver to choose the right gear position that provides more control over the vehicle while driving.

There are many types of automotive gears used in vehicles big and small, viz., Spur Gears, Bevel Gears, Planetary Gears, Mesh Gears, Helical Gears, Worm Gears, etc., each determines the functionality and purpose of its use in different situations.

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