Planetary Gear System

Automobile is the backbone of logistics and economics without which movement of goods and people from one place to another is impossible. When it comes to automobiles of any class, i.e., light, medium and heavy vehicles, the gear system is a vital organ which determines the movement of vehicle from being stationary to gain momentum and achieve speed. Automotive gears are mechanisms that are designed to transfer torque and power generated by the engine to the wheels of and automobile. It is also responsible to control speed of the vehicle while on the move.

Planetary Gear System

Gears are the core of automobile transmission system which gives motion, torque and speed to the vehicles and make it run. It generates the torque from the engine and transmits it to the wheels for the vehicle to move. While there are many types of gears to provide the same functionality but for different vehicle types and applications, the planetary gear is the most complex and efficient gear system among all.

The typical applications of planetary gears are for vehicles which needs a lot of torque to move around because of the vehicles heavy load or the terrain it is run on. Examples of effective uses of planetary gears are in earth movers, construction equipments, tractors, large container trucks, etc. These vehicles need a lot of power and energy to move around.

As the name suggests, a planetary gear system is similar to the solar system where the sun is placed in the centre and planets of different sizes around it and an outer ring gear fixed to planet gears to derive multiple gear ratios within limited space.

Many Benefits Of Planetary Gears

High Torque : The major significant benefit of a planetary gear system is its ability to produce high torque. It is designed to be used in heavy vehicles such as container trailers, trucks, tractors, etc.

Compact Size : It can be used in small spaces compared to other gear systems but can still generate the same gear ratios as other.

LightWeight : Due to its compact size, the planetary gears are also lighter in weightcompared to other gears which achieves the same torque or gear ratios.

Reliable : The planetary gear system is very durable and hence used widely in automotive applications which demands high reliability.

More Efficient : It is uniquely designed to transfer maximum energy from the input power towards the required output thus losing less power loss during transmission.

Less Vibration : Because of its smooth operation, it is produces little sound or vibration that makes driving more comfortable.

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