Ring Gear Exporters

Gears are at the core of any machinery that has an engine that rotate and move connected objects such as wheel of a automobile or a motor in a pump, etc. There are many types of gears that go in to the functioning of machinery or equipment. Among them ring gears plays a prominent role.

Ring Gear Exporters

The ring gears are usually circular in shape with teeth inside the ring and or outside the ring. They mesh with other gears either inside or outside to transfer the torque among other parts of the gear assembly. Ring gears are made with high tensile materials such as steel and iron that can withstand heavy loads and stress. They are also made of aluminium, plastic and bronze depending upon the applications.

The Making Of A Ring Gear

First, an appropriate raw material is selected and it is shaped to the desired size by cutting and grinding using cutting saw and lathes. Then, the gear teeth are formed using specialized milling tools, which are carefully measured to ensure accurate spacing of the teeth and their alignment along the circular ring. Once the teeth are cut, the product is hardened with high temperature and cooling it down, repeating the process many times to make it strong and durable. At the end, the gear goes through a finishing process which involves grinding and smoothening the teeth and coated with a layer of protective chemicals to prevent from corrosion. The entire process of manufacturing a superior quality ring gear needs skilled labour, precision engineering and specialized tools.

Uses Of Ring Gears

Automotive : The most common applications of a ring gear are in the automobile industry. It is used for different gears and transmissions of torque and power. As a starter motor to start the engine by engaging the flywheel, etc.

Heavy Machinery : Industrial machineries are another most widely used applications of a ring gear. They are used in the making of cranes, conveyor systems, drill presses, elevator motors, concrete mixers, rock crushers, rolling machines, etc., to control the motion and direction of the machines.

Heavy Equipments : Ring gears are widely used in the running of powerful engines for trucks, bulldozers, excavators, road levellers, etc.

Power Generation : Large ring gears are used in the power generation industry. The industry needs high performance motors to operate the wind turbines and hydroelectric motors to transmit power from generation sourcer to the electrical grid.

Aerospace : Aerospace industry is another major users of ring gears for applications such as aircraft engines, rotary radars, signal systems, propellers and landing gear systems, etc.

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